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The Next Generation Tool
to create astonishing brand experiences

specialized on providing

Product Test
to the next level.

In the area of Product tests we bring a decade of experience to the field. We are specialists in conducting product tests that offer a widely diversified array of services.

IN2REAL is the best partner for your

Virtual Reality Experiences
We know what we do

Our team is built on experienced designers, coders and engineers, to fulfill at the very best all the needs of demanding applications.

We love what we do

We are professionals who love what they do, and for this reason we will always push a step further from the arriving lane.

We support the right choices

We build trust for our clients, offering the best choice for every need the company needs to fulfill on every level, from Tablet to Virtual Reality applications.

  • Automotive

    From market research to sales, we provide a broad range of digital applications.
    We custom build our products for mobile, web or POS platforms.

  • Virtual Museum and 3D Tour

    We create immersive applications for all fields of culture, education or tourism.  A new way to experience storytelling in the digital era.

  • 3D Architecture and Urban Planning

    Our digital products enable any architect, engineer or urban planner to experience their design on a new level, with photorealism and all grades of customisation .

  • 3D Yatch design

    Our yacht design 3D applications enable to follow and experience the design of your yacht build process without the need of being physically there.

Check the
best our company offers.

We’re open for new trends and put our whole soul into every project. Every client is special, every idea is valuable, every project is unique.


Let your customer have an astonishing experience.

Virtual Reality
Virtual Reality is a platform to simulate real or digital environments without being physically there.

Showcase and test your projects before they get built.

Next is now
Let your company benefit from the advantages of using virtual reality in product test and customers experience.

Bring costs down with process virtualization.

Cost Effective
Optimize your workflow, design and test your products and advertising with the best news on the market.


Get the basic service
Tailor made interactive experience for screens, tablets or phones.


Build for Mobile Applications
Tailor made virtual reality application for mobile and portable headsets.

Interactive Virtual Reality

The future proof package
VR +
The full immersive photorealistic experience, where all your moves are possibles.
We use masks but we don't hide.
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Milan Office

Our Milan office is the connecting hub for our clients, where we show and test our projects and where we collaborate with our partners.

Florence Office

Our development office is base in the city center of Florence. This is were we develop and build your projects.

Contact Info

Adress: via Cavalcanti 5, 20127, Milano, Italia

Phone: (+39) 02-4507-3604

Email: [email protected]