Online Cloud Service for Market Research Analysis

Market Research Platform and Virtual Reality

We created this Cloud platform to organize and administer our products and services for market researches, and to collect all the data produced by these tools in one single place. Everything happens in real time: with this interface – fitted with user friendly yet powerful and versatile panels it is possible:


  • configure your own researches
  • insert all the digital content produced by In2real, without limits or constraints
  • all it takes is one single click to send the researches to the devices (VR, AR, Touch, etc.) on which they will be used
  • receive in real time all the data collected when the tools are used, and visualise them with an “active” monitoring
  • manipulate the data collected to produce reports, having at disposal a great quantity of advanced statistical analysis functions which are highly configurable and customizable.

All the data transmitted and memorized are encrypted and protected according to the highest safety standards: clients, via their own account, have direct and safe access to all the data of the on-going research as well as historical data of concluded researches, on which they can use any analysis tools.




“Data Analysis”

It is possible to conduct statistical analysis on the collected data from the beginning of a research. The statistical and analysis tools were conceived to be highly customisable. Moreover, the whole structure of the platform is made in order to facilitate the implementation of new modules/functions dedicated to the customers, based on their specific requirements/needs


“Live Sight”

Once created with the Composer, the clients can have access to the researches on their own individual devices; when being used they will communicate in real time the results of the research to the in2data platform, from which it is possible to monitor and coordinate all the activities


“Composer and “MediaBay”

The composer is the tool that makes it possible to create a new research (interview, questionnaire, focus groups, etc.) with any technological auxiliary (PC, VR, AR, Touchscreen, Table, Internet, etc.): the contents are selected from a pool of digital contents (images, videos, 3D models, etc.) that are tailor-made by In2real.

Online Cloud Platform for market research, complete, for companies. The personalized and highly configurable service consists of: App, Software for Data Analysis, Device Integration in Virtual Reality, Statistical Analysis and Report Generation.